New Hope

A Sober Living Environment for Women

“I have been in recovery for a little over seven months, and in that short time, I have grown and learned so much. I can’t express enough the appreciation I have for all the people associated with New Hope.”

These are words from a woman whose life has been substantially impacted by New Hope.

New Hope is the name of a house where women can come for shelter. In reality, it is new hope.

This is a safe place—a haven to the hurting and a refuge for those in need. Located in Sacramento, CA, New Hope provides a stable, structured environment for women overcoming addictions and difficult life circumstances. The goal of New Hope is to provide residents with the skills and tools they need to manage their lives independently. Here are some of the ways this goal is achieved:

• 12-step meetings (Celebrate Recovery program)
• A zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy, with random drug testing
• Life skills training
• Employment skills training
• Parenting classes

If you are interested in what New Hope offers or have any questions about how to get involved, please call Monica Hoover at (916) 230-9121 or (916) 478-4023.