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August 7, 2008

“We have the right equipment, the right people, and the right attitude” said Ray Newmyer, lead trainer for Lifewater International.

Restoration Alliance sponsored Ray’s most recent trip to Kiambu, Kenya in an effort to restore a well-drilling rig donated to Bishop Thomas Muthee and Word of Faith Church.

While visiting Kiambu in 2007, Dan Flory (Founder of Restoration Alliance) was told stories of women traveling 20 kilometers to get water for their families. They leave their homes early in the morning, and do not return until evening. This is a journey women are making every other day.

Ray met Dan on a trip to Zambia with Lifewater International in 2007. Ray has been drilling wells, domestic and foreign, for 40 years. Dan, seeing the wealth of knowledge and experience that Ray held, hoped to partner with him in well-drilling efforts in Kenya.

Ray’s first trip to Kenya was to asses the condition of the rig and determine the needed parts. Now that the missing pieces have been purchased from Canada and sent to Kiambu, a second trip was in order.

Enthusiastic about the potential that is being realized and the opportunity that has been opened in Kiambu, Restoration Alliance sponsored Ray’s second trip to Kenya. He and his wife are currently in Kiambu and will stay for a duration of six weeks to facilitate repairs and oversee training.

The repairs are being made and plans for future well sights are taking shape. The first well will be drilled on the property of Word of Faith Church; however, there are also approximately sixty more potential locations.

There is no shortage of need for clean water wells in Kenya and this rig is the perfect instrument to be used.

The restoration and operation of this well-drilling rig represents the opportunity for clean water for a whole region of people. It is a chance to impact the lives of the people in one village. It is a chance to impact the lives of people in many villages.