Population: 34 million

Life Expectancy: 51 years

Infant Mortality: 79 per 1000 live births

Mortality under age 5: 120 per 1000 live births

Has Safe Water: 62 percent of total population and 46 percent of rural population

Has Adequate Sanitation: 48 percent of total population and 43 percent of rural population

Religion: Protestant 45 percent, Roman Catholic 33 percent, Muslim 10 percent, traditional beliefs 10 percent, other religions 2 percent

National Wealth: One of Africa’s most politically stable countries. Instrumental in helping other African nations seek peace. Abundant wildlife. Established tourist industry. Communication facilitated by common languages of Swahili and English spoken by large percentages of the population.

National Challenges: High unemployment, crime, poverty, frequent droughts; overgrazed land; lack of safe water, sanitation and hygiene education.

Restoration Alliance ties: RA founder Dan Flory visited Kenya in 2007, at the invitation of Bishop Thomas Muthee of Word of Faith Church, to strategize on potential well-digging projects in rural Kenya.

In August 2007, Restoration Alliance facilitated the sending of a well-drilling expert to Kenya. His mission will be to teach some of Bishop Muthee’s men how to operate a well-drilling machine that was previously acquired.