Population: 12 million

Life Expectancy: 38 years

Infant Mortality: 102 per 1000 live births

Mortality under age 5: 182 per 1000 live births

Has Safe Water: 58 percent of total population and 40 percent of rural population

Has Adequate Sanitation: 55 percent of total population and 52 percent of rural population

Religion: 80 percent Christian, 20 percent traditional beliefs

National Wealth: Victoria Falls. Abundant wildlife. Appealing music and dance tradition.

National Challenges: HIV/AIDS claimed 100,000 lives in 2004. Sixteen percent of the adult population is infected with HIV/AIDS and 750,000 children are AIDS orphans. Poverty rate is 83 percent. Lack of safe water, sanitation and hygiene education.

Restoration Alliance ties: In 2007, RA founder Dan Flory traveled to Zambia with Lifewater International, an organization dedicated to providing impoverished communities with clean water, and education in effective hygiene and healthy sanitation practices. As an engineer who spent many years working for California’s Department of Water Resources, Dan was part of a team that trained local community members in the construction and maintenance of water-purifying sand filters. Approximately 200 filters were constructed and Dan participated in the training of Zambian men in bio-sand filter techniques.